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So one day she packed her bat-shaped backpack, put her black cowboy-boot roller skates, and went out into the real world to find out who she really was User reviews 2 reviews. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account. The Power of 5 Reader reviewed by Ellery The power of 5 is about 5 very different girls who learn from Hay Lin's grandmother about the veil between their world and the world of Metamoor.

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Missing Angel Juan

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Witch Baby (Weetzie Bat, #2) by Francesca Lia Block - Risingshadow

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Missing Angel Juan revolves around Witch Baby's posessiveness of Angel Juan, and how she learns to give him space and appreciate that not everything revolves around him. Baby Be-Bop for Dirk. She is horrified at first, but soon comes to accept her son anyway. Costume Porn Dead Sparks: They get over it. Weetzie's parents got divorced when she was twelve. Her father moved to New York and commits suicide at the end of the first book.

It continues to haunt her for the rest of her life. Dirk and Duck, while HIV-free themselves, are considerably shaken by the outbreak of the pandemic among the gay community. Everyone except Dirk, although no one seems to be bothered by them. Weetzie shrugs hers off with "crazy parents, I guess"; Cherokee never even mentions the subject even though she's white and blonde , which makes her name all kinds of ridiculous and everyone adjusts extremely quickly to My Secret Agent Lover Man, although Necklace of Kisses does Retcon his real name to Max.

In Pink Smog it's revealed that Weetzie's given first name is actually Louise. Food Porn - And it's all vegetarian food after the first book. Dirk in Baby Be-Bop. His grandmother believes it's "just a phase", his first love rejects him out of fear and he is seriously beaten by skinheads. The whole book is about him learning not to be ashamed of who he is.

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  8. In Baby Be-Bop , it is revealed that Fifi McDonald's bottled genie, the one who granted Weetzie's wishes and brought Dirk together wih Duck, is actually Fifi's father watching over his descendants. Weetzie's daughter Cherokee has three daddies: Max, Dirk and Duck.

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    In the first book, after Weetzie wishes for "a Duck for Dirk and My Secret Lover Man for me", the genie provides men with those exact names. Luke, I Am Your Father: Witch Baby, who at first assumed that she wasn't related to any of the Bats, finds out that she is the product of an affair between Max and Vixanne. She doesn't take it well. Weetzie in the first book, "dating all the wrong Ducks".

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    Love at First Sight: Coyote Dream Song - a Closer to Earth spiritual guide in Braids, Beads and Buckskins , who is regarded by the entire family as a source of mystic wisdom. Cherokee, who is white but was named in tribute to the First Nations, looks up to him as a role model.

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    It turns out that Coyote adopted this persona to distance himself from the messed-up state of the native community in general, and his abusive father in particular. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Weetzie, and later Cherokee. Weetzie leaves Max and takes a vacation at the Pink Hotel, where she had her prom, to try to figure out her life. Dirk's parents died when he was four; Weetzie's parents are divorced, with her mother being an alcoholic and her father depressive; Duck's father was drowned and his mother is seeing a Jerkass "greaseburger"; Witch Baby has Vixanne for a mother and they barely communicate and she has a tense relationship with biological father Max and adoptive mother Weetzie ; Max and Coyote were abused as children.