The Fall of Love

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If they reciprocate your feelings, keep spending time with them so you can see how compatible you are. After a while of spending time together, you might start to fall in love with them! If you do, be honest and talk about your feelings with them to find out if they're falling in love with you too! Featured Articles Love and Romance. To fall in love and find the right person you must first have confidence and love invested in yourself. People with self-confidence tend to have happier and longer lasting relationships than those who don't.

It might seem hard to suddenly start loving yourself, but it's an important component of a strong relationship. Stand upright with your back straight and take up space. Even simply standing in a power position can build your confidence. Fake confidence a little every day, as practice, and you'll find it becoming easier and easier. The things you think and say about yourself are probably a whole lot meaner and untrue than things you'd say about your worst enemy.

Every single person is imperfect, so be kind to yourself about your own imperfections. When you find yourself thinking negatively about yourself, replace the thought with a positive one.

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Focus instead on celebrating your accomplishments and honoring the accomplishments of others, without comparing yourself to them. Consider why you want to fall in love. There's no right answer for why you want to fall in love, but there are some reasons that indicate you need to work on yourself before you're ready to fall in love. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have a loving relationship, but basing your self worth on the success of such a relationship will place too much pressure on the other person and the relationship itself.

A few reasons to wait before getting involved in a relationship are: These are all symptoms of deeper problems that won't be cured by entering into a relationship. Consider what you are looking for. No, don't make a list of exact specifications detailing the hair color, job, schooling level, and personality of your potential significant other. It is not helpful to create an "ideal" partner that doesn't exist in reality. However, you should acknowledge the basics of what you're looking for.

You should also list what you absolutely don't want. You can always revise this list, as you meet different people, but it's a good idea to know the kind of values and traits you're looking for from a potential partner. It'll make it easier to weed out the people with whom you can't build a lasting romantic relationship.

Of course, to be able to find someone with whom to fall in love, you're going to need to go out and meet people. This doesn't mean you have to be a big party animal, or that you have to do things that you're not entirely comfortable with, but it's a good idea to at least try to get out of your comfort zone a little bit.

If you're really into rock climbing, go to a climbing gym in your neighborhood. Be out and about. Who knows who you'll meet? Open yourself to new possibilities. Doing things that you might not normally do can help create a sense of excitement for you, as well as take you outside your comfort zone to meet different kinds of people. Doing something exhilarating, like participating in a political demonstration, performance art, or something like sky-diving can help foster relationships, perhaps because you begin to associate the excitement of the event with the group of people.

So get out there and do something exciting with a group of people and see what love blossoms. You don't have to do something dangerous. You could do something as simple as take a free class on cooking or car maintenance. Not only will you be out of your comfort zone, you'll learn a new skill, so even if you don't find that special someone you'll be getting something important out of the activity. It can take years to find the right person. Along the way, you may find people that you think are right for you, but turn out not to be. Use these opportunities as learning experiences. Eventually, you'll get a sense for the kind of person you're looking for.

Be friendly and open to people you meet. Even if you don't fall in love the first time you meet someone, you may eventually find yourself developing an attraction to them. This can happen even with people you wouldn't normally have been that interested in at first. It can be a sign that a person has depth and substance. Remember, opposites may attract. Let things unfold for a little while when you meet someone new. Long-lasting relationships can be forged from two personalities that initially clash. In short, you'll need to ask her out and see if the interest is returned.

It might be a little nerve-wracking, since you're opening yourself up, but finding love means taking emotional risks. Simply tell her that you really like her and would like to see where the relationship goes. All you have to say is "Hey, I really like you and I'd like to [do some fun activity] with you. It's not a reflection on you and whether you're lovable. Don't press her or be pushy, because that will only irritate her and make her feel as if you don't respect her and her boundaries.

Open yourself up emotionally. Falling in love means opening yourself up to the other person emotionally. It's about taking a risk and being open and vulnerable with another person. It's important to remember that people move at different speeds in terms of relationships, so the other person may take less or more time to open up emotionally.

The Bigger The Love (The Harder The Fall)

As long as you communicate about where you both are in the relationship this shouldn't pose a problem. If the other person doesn't reciprocate your openness or interest in having a connected, open relationship, then it's time to move on and find someone who is more committed to the same type of relationship as you. Intimate compatibility is incredibly important to ensuring a loving connection and this doesn't just mean sex. Look at the person you're with and see how you connect. This means effectively expressing things like, "I'm sorry," asking and caring how you're doing, and expressing what you mean to one another.

Physical compatibility means expressions of affection and intimacy again, this does not necessarily mean sex, although that can be an important component in some people's relationships. Things like hugging, cuddling, holding hands, kissing are expressions of physical intimacy. Intellectual compatibility means that you feel on equal footing with the other person and that the two of you engage in mutual discussions that are fulfilling to you both, even if you don't necessarily have the same things in common.

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Trying to force yourself or another person to fall in love won't work and will simply make you or them resent the relationship eventually. Falling in love is, in a sense, letting go of control. Be open what the other person is feeling about the relationship, as well as what you want from it. Let go of the need to control the outcome of the relationship.

You can't know where the relationship is going to go and whether it will end in love, or if it will simply end. Be open to the possibilities and let it go where it will go. Trusting your partner is one of the keys to staying in love and staying in a relationship. Without trust, the relationship becomes a ticking time bomb and not something you want to be a part of. Check that your partner is reliable and dependable. Does she do what she says she is going to do, when she says she is going to do it? Building trust and being reliable goes both ways. Your partner should be someone that you can count on.

If you can't count on her, or she doesn't keep their promises she lies, she cheats, she's flaky, etc. You shouldn't go into a relationship looking to change someone or make her "better. Deal with conflict appropriately. You aren't going to agree with your significant other all the time, but dealing with your argument in a healthy manner will mean that the relationship is more likely to last. Things not to do: Never threaten to break up as a knee-jerk response to a fight. If your partner threatens you this way, wait until a calmer moment to remind them that this damages the trust you share.

Recognize the signs of falling in love. There's no tried and true way to know you're in love.

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People often say you'll just "know" if you're in love, but there are some things that indicate you're heading in that direction, if not already there. You can spend quiet time together. This means that you both don't feel the need to fill the silence, and that you're comfortable with one another so that silence doesn't end up feeling awkward. You can enjoy the presence of one another without the need to constantly interact. I make resolutions each September, and despite the fact that leaves are dead and falling from the trees, it feels like a season of renewal and fresh starts.

Summer is fun to kick back and relax and escape, but Fall has the best of summer, with a little bit of spring, and winter tossed in. Those crisp, clear days where you can still sit out on a patio with a fantastic turtleneck or scarf on are magical. Years ago, my friend Jana called them "boyfriend days. That romantic kind of feeling you get snuggled into a scarf and spending a relaxing day with someone you're in love with.

In the fall, the sun is shining bright, but the air is cool and you still need to snuggle into a sweater. There's nothing better than poking your kid's arms through the sleeves of a sweater hand-knit by his great grandmother. Getting lost running through the tall stalks, yelling at friends to see if they've found the way out. Living in a big city means the country is a magical place where time seems to stand still.

Despite all the tablet technology my kids play with, a corn maze is proof that nature can do some wonderful things to stump them too. The crowds, the cheering, the rivalries, the winning, the losing. With the high school on Friday, college on Saturday, or the big guys on Sunday, the football stadium is a great gathering place for community spirit.

Image via Christopher Aloi. If Sunday afternoons are made for football, Saturday afternoons are made for running in the park with your kids. Piling up the leaves and diving in, or just running around crunching on the paths, it will always bring a smile. Image via Buzz Bishop.

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  7. Animated, superhero, action, popcorn movies are fun for the summer, but fall means "grown-up movies. Image via Dave Dugdale. A long drive in the country is what autumn weekends are all about. From the leaves, to the farms, to the cute coffee shops, to just discovering new places near your home, leaving the map at home and just going for a drive is the best. Image via Forest Wander. While the fruity seasonal beers of summer are fun, the spiciness that comes with fall beers is a welcomed change.

    Pumpkin brews are easily one of the best reasons to celebrate the arrival of autumn. Image via Henry Burrows. Some may relish the arrival of the red cups on November 1, but our highlight happens 2 months earlier when the pumpkin spice latte arrives at the coffee shop. Spicy, sweet, thick, rich, it welcomes the new season wonderfully.

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    Image via Anne Beaumont. You could take a page out of Bubba Gump to appreciate all the ways we love pumpkin in autumn. Pumpkin itself may be pretty bland, but it is the perfect vehicle for cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and nutmeg and we're okay with that. The best of them all, however, is making pumpkin pie with kids.

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    It's such a simple and easy way to get them in the kitchen. Image via Mark Fowler. Fall is family photo season. Whether you pay a professional photographer to come and take the portrait that will pop up on your Christmas card, or you just run to a park and take some yourself, the colors and angle of the light are the best in the autumn. Image via Shannon Hilton. Fall is the perfect bridge season.

    You can have a wonderful salad, or you can cozy into something a little more hearty. Soup is wonderful this time of year. It warms you up and hits the spot. Check out these 10 fall soup recipes to get you right into the mood. The September issue of Vogue is affectionately known as "the Bible" in Fashionista circles. Take that, King James. Image via Marina Burity. With the heat of the summer gone, you can get back into the kitchen with the kids and turn the oven on again.

    Baking with kids is the best. They marvel at cracked eggs, they love stirring, licking the spoon, and feel pride in making something sweet and delicious.

    26 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall

    Even the mess is easy to take when you bake with kids. Family, friends, feasting is what fall is all about. You can have Christmas with the presents, I'll take Thanksgiving. Image via Cedar Summit Farm. There are so many colors, flavors, and smells that go with autumn. Close your eyes and inhale apples and cinnamon and you are immediately transported to a brisk forest with crunchy leaves underfoot. Check out these 25 classic apple and cinnamon recipes.

    Long boots, short boots, rainboots, stylish boots, it doesn't matter. Boots are back in the fall, which means you don't need to stress about having a perfect pedicure and you can get a long legged look. Image via Nigel Wade. It's muddy but it's worth it.