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They then extinguished all the lamps and fires in the house lest any cause the house to catch fire and start a general fire that would harm the neighbors and left, taking Kira's head. As day was now breaking, they quickly carried Kira's head from his residence to their lord's grave in Sengaku-ji temple, marching about ten kilometers across the city, causing a great stir on the way. The story of the revenge spread quickly, and everyone on their path praised them and offered them refreshment.

On this day in 1703: the 47 Rōnin avenge their master's death in a legendary tale of samurai honour

They then offered prayers at the temple, and gave the abbot of the temple all the money they had left, asking him to bury them decently, and offer prayers for them. During this time, two friends of Kira came to collect his head for burial; the temple still has the original receipt for the head, which the friends and the priests who dealt with them had all signed.

The shogunate officials in Edo were in a quandary. The samurai had followed the precepts by avenging the death of their lord; but they had also defied the shogunate's authority by exacting revenge, which had been prohibited. He lived until the age of 87, dying around , and was then buried with his comrades. The assailants who died by seppuku were subsequently interred on the grounds of Sengaku-ji, [2] in front of the tomb of their master. The clothes and arms they wore are still preserved in the temple to this day, along with the drum and whistle; their armor was all home-made, as they had not wanted to arouse suspicion by purchasing any.

The tombs became a place of great veneration, and people flocked there to pray. The graves at the temple have been visited by a great many people throughout the years since the Genroku era. Though the revenge is often viewed as an act of loyalty, there had been a second goal, to re-establish the Asanos' lordship and finding a place for their fellow samurai to serve.

Hundreds of samurai who had served under Asano had been left jobless, and many were unable to find employment, as they had served under a disgraced family.

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Many lived as farmers or did simple handicrafts to make ends meet. Asano Daigaku Nagahiro, Naganori's younger brother and heir, was allowed by the Tokugawa shogunate to re-establish his name, though his territory was reduced to a tenth of the original. Alternative readings are listed in italics. It was Yamamoto Tsunetomo , author of the Hagakure , who asked the well known question: Even if they had claimed, then, that their dissipated behavior was just an act, that in just a little more time they would have been ready for revenge, who would have believed them?

They would have been forever remembered as cowards and drunkards—bringing eternal shame to the name of the Asano clan. He conceived his convoluted plan to ensure that they would succeed at killing Kira, which is not a proper concern in a samurai: Even if they had failed to kill Kira, even if they had all perished, it would not have mattered, as victory and defeat have no importance.

By waiting a year, they improved their chances of success but risked dishonoring the name of their clan, the worst sin a samurai can commit. Immediately following the event, there were mixed feelings among the intelligentsia about whether such vengeance had been appropriate. Over time, however, the story became a symbol of loyalty to one's master and later, of loyalty to the emperor. Once this happened, the story flourished as a subject of drama, storytelling, and visual art. The incident immediately inspired a succession of kabuki and bunraku plays; the first, The Night Attack at Dawn by the Soga , appeared only two weeks after the ronin died.

It was shut down by the authorities, but many others soon followed, initially in Osaka and Kyoto , farther away from the capital. Some even took the story as far as Manila , to spread the story to the rest of Asia. The play contains a number of plot twists that do not reflect the real story: The play has been made into a movie at least six times in Japan, [33] the earliest starring Onoe Matsunosuke. The film's release date is questioned, but placed between and It has been aired on the Jidaigeki Senmon Channel Japan with accompanying benshi narration.

They wanted a ferocious morale booster based on the familiar rekishi geki "historical drama" of The Loyal 47 Ronin. The film was a commercial failure, having been released in Japan one week before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese military and most audiences found the first part to be too serious, but the studio and Mizoguchi both regarded it as so important that Part Two was put into production, despite lukewarm reception to Part One. The film wasn't shown in America until the s. Mifune was to revisit the story several times in his career.

Kon Ichikawa directed another version in Most recently, it was made into a American movie, titled 47 Ronin , released on December 25, , [35] and then again into a more stylized version titled Last Knights , released April 3, One book on subjects depicted in woodblock prints devotes no fewer than seven chapters to the history of the appearance of this theme in woodblocks.

Among the artists who produced prints on this subject are Utamaro , Toyokuni , Hokusai , Kunisada , Hiroshige , and Yoshitoshi. Incense burns at the graves of the Forty-seven Ronin at Sengaku-ji.

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Woodcut by Kunisada depicting the attack early s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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  3. On this day in the 47 Rōnin avenge their master's death in a legendary tale of samurai honour?

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Secret Memoirs of the Shoguns: Isaac Titsingh and Japan, p. Tales of Old Japan, pp. Tales of Old Japan , p. Retrieved from " https: Well, I understand that many aspects were made up just for the movie. Also, I understand it departed from the original events considerably But I have to admit, I liked it.

It all seemed to tie nicely together and the pace was good. Actors Well, I understand that many aspects were made up just for the movie. Actors were up to the task and last but most certainly not least TVJerry Jan 10, Exiled samurai are called Ronin and 47 of them seek revenge when their master is killed by Japan's supreme warlord. They need the leadership of a noble half-breed Keanu Reeves to overcome mythical beasts, a powerful witch and a bunch of soldiers.

This well-worn plot spends the first hour Exiled samurai are called Ronin and 47 of them seek revenge when their master is killed by Japan's supreme warlord. This well-worn plot spends the first hour with lots of intrigue and a confusing array of characters. When it comes time to fight, the action is uninspired and unfocused. The only thing to recommend the film is the art direction: The overall outcome just feels flat: The tale of 47 Ronin is an ancient one, embellished with honorable vengeance in an exotic setting.

While such premise could draw people attention, but there also lies its weakness, it's severely predictable. Many have used simple already known concept and made it into fresh interesting The tale of 47 Ronin is an ancient one, embellished with honorable vengeance in an exotic setting.

Many have used simple already known concept and made it into fresh interesting watch, unfortunately for this movie spamming CG is not amongst the way to accomplish that. Hindered by poor acting, questionable cast and uneven storytelling, 47 Ronin feels detached and uninspiring despite its gorgeous visual. From graphical standpoint, it's actually quite impressive. Mythical creatures roam its vibrant realm, colors are brightly sleek and the dark contrast makes for a good view. It's certainly up to par on other fantasy movies, although it does detract from more historical portrayal of feudal Japan.

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There's a bit exaggeration in it as well, almost as if it's a westernized version of Japan. Some scenes, especially with the quick battles or bizarre giant characters, have the grayish murky tone of medieval fantasy like The Hobbits, and while the style direction is a bit excessive, seeing kimono in brimming flamboyant dye is rather peculiar, it's acceptably eye pleasing. Problems emerge when it tries to implement the story, which could be inspirational but remarkably falls flat. Keanu Reeves plays Kai, a half breed from an Englishman and a Japanese woman, the film's original character meant to portray an elevating underdog story, yet Reeves displays only one set of facial expression.

He looks almost completely the same throughout the movie, there's barely any allure on seeing such monotonous hero. At the very least, his stiff performance can be considered as consistency, ironically so. The use of English is awkward as well, The Last Samurai did the multilingual tone and it worked, so it could have used Japanese for more authenticity. There's a nagging feeling that something is amiss, specifically when the movie enters supposedly dramatic moments. Setting that aside, the script isn't exactly great either, most of the time it goes overly melodramatic, as if it wants the archaic feel of Japanese classic but delivered in mediocre English.

Casting is dubious, everyone has the samurai look and with boorish script, everyone is equally trapped in their respective dull role; there's your serious samurai and next to him are the sad samurai and funny samurai.

Granted, there's not enough time to highlight them all, but none of them stand out or have the chance to perform to the fullest. Rinko Kikuchi, who earned Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Babel, plays the evil witch, although her presence merely resembles a bitter high school cheerleader. The characters are just terribly shallow, when the leading male barely does robotic mumbles and the Oscar nominee looks that uncomfortable, it does nothing to draw the audience's interest. During the two hours of its length, the flow feels fragmented, mainly because it consists of drab scenes with little beautiful vista sprinkled in between.

There is no epic scale engaging skirmish to behold, just some small CG fights, which is odd since the appeal should be a smaller group of warriors against mightier force. It does boast a spectacle, but no amount of cosmetic can justify the bland use of Japanese classic. JohnMasterL Jan 4, Even good actors have a few duds on their resumes. We look at 30 highly Watch all of this week's new trailers including new looks at "X-Men Watch new trailers for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "47 Ronin," By Metascore By Userscore.

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