Missing Presumed Dead

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Kiran has surpassed herself with this book. Not everyone can write about mental illness so deftly. The intricacies of human life, the complexities of relationships and self all are integrated with utmost precision by the author.

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Here the focus is on the woman as an individual an This is a fantastic read. Here the focus is on the woman as an individual and not on th various social roles she plays all though her life. The story explores her inner self and how she tries endlessly to balance who she is and what she is supposed to be. One must read the book to find out not just about Aisha but about oneself too. I connected with her story at many levels and I am sure she has managed to touch the lives of many women who battle anxiety, depression, panic and disillusionment each day and struggle to find an escape.

You know the feeling of having one foot in the abyss and another on a loose rock. Through her fluid narration and well crafted characters Kiran managed to keep me engaged. There was never a dull moment in the story.

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I definitely recommend it to all. I bet you will be mulling over this searing narrative for a long time. Aug 18, Jessica rated it it was amazing. It presents all the possible facts from within the lives of its central characters. So much so that you are absolutely absorbed by them, undoub Kiran Manral cements herself as legend in the genre of Mystery with Missing, Presumed Dead. So much so that you are absolutely absorbed by them, undoubting of the intentions of seemingly mundane characters that are lurking, marching forth strategically from the recesses of the background.

Do you think you know your family? Narrated in two parts, the characters unravel like the twisty folktales of childhood. They dance at the altar of pragmatism and informed choices of adulthood, just as much as they blend and mingle with their need for freedom, their primal natures and the greedy clutches of insidious human forces.

This book deals with darkness, both the physical manifestations of it and the monsters within. But what sets the characters apart are the reasons and sources of their varying depravity. One is at the mercy of her mind, while the others are working for their vices.

Missing Presumed Dead

There is absolutely nothing mundane about these characters - they reel you in and you are compelled to read their story. But most importantly, you want to know how it all ends. Kiran Manral grips you with her writing - each line is lyrical and haunting, building up to suspense that spurs you on. The action and dialogue are paced brilliantly, with just the right amount of give while maintaining an air of mystery. Missing, Presumed Dead is one of those books that come along after an interlude of mind-numbing narratives. Aisha's history, psyche, actions and story are to be delved into. Because once you start reading, you won't stop turning the pages and opening the doors that the characters leave ajar - inviting you to tap into their dark and alluring world.

Nothing is as it seems and Kiran Manral crafts a tale resplendent in both intrigue and terror. Missing, Presumed Dead is an absolute must read! Oct 21, Anuja Chandramouli rated it really liked it. The author is too smart a storyteller to provide convenient or contrived answers to the questions that pile up with dizzying momentum. Yet the reader is not left hanging or frustrated. It is a satisfying yarn that is meaty, evocative and likely to keep you mulling over it, long after the last page has been reluctantly turned.

Manral knows how to give her readers what they want while leaving them asking for more. Aisha Thakur finds herself in the unenviable position of being fully aware that her marriage is dead but decides to stick to the corpse no thanks to the recalcitrant remnants of a once powerful passion that refuses to kick the bucket. And of course, there are tedious things like duty and parental obligations to her son and daughter to be considered.

Then a stranger shows up at her remote mountain abode in the middle of a vile storm, claiming to be her half — sister, and suddenly Aisha life stands poised to take the plunge into the doom that was inevitably going to be her lot.

Prithvi, her better half originally comes across as a bit of a cad with rage issues and designs on her ancestral property but by choosing to tell his side of the story as well, Manral casts him in a more sympathetic light. The harsh truth is that even the best of us are ill — equipped to deal with disability and for flawed souls just trying to get by, it can turn out to be the wrecking ball that leaves nothing but devastation in its wake. In the end, Aisha as well as Prithvi are sitting ducks for predators who seek to prey on the weaknesses of others, having zeroed in on the scent of blood.

Having made her way into town on an errand, Aisha is trapped in more ways than one and is left to the mercy of a charming stranger who offers her hospitality and a way out for better or worse. It is hardly surprising that she takes him up on the offer, given that she holds her wellbeing so cheap. Therein lies the true horror in this moving saga that will leave your head and heart reeling. Oct 28, Sujay Malik rated it really liked it. The beauty of this book lies in the immaculate character building and pristine storytelling skills.

You empathise with every character and his or her mental state. So kudos to Kiran Mangal for the delectable descriptions and narrative. The end though did not work for me. I don't know if I missed a point somewhere but it didn't give me a closure.

Apart from this the book is a definitely a visual and literature treat. Aug 28, Leher Sethi rated it it was amazing. Kiran Manral has put together a thrilling tale that is shocking and relatable at the same time. What I personally liked the most about reading this one was how the author has made use of the atmosphere as another character. You are in the cold hills, and part of the thrill is the scenario surrounding the story. For someone like me, who loves the brooding English novel, this is the closest any Indian author has come to creating a similar aura.

Sep 16, Debeshi Gooptu rated it it was amazing. A masterful, suspense thriller that kept me hooked right till the last page. Great storytelling and superb chilling descriptions made it a memorable read. Teenu Vijayan rated it really liked it Dec 08, Priyanka gupta rated it really liked it Nov 05, Vidya rated it liked it Oct 02, Farhan Ashraf rated it really liked it Oct 10, Neha Shrivastava rated it it was amazing Aug 01, Monika rated it really liked it Jul 23, Bharti Bhagat rated it really liked it Aug 15, Dec 05, Lilly Desai rated it really liked it.

A gripping tale indeed. The author has successfully managed to create an atmosphere of suspense. I would not label it as a thriller but it sure does keeps the readers glued till the end. A disturbed marriage, trust issues, infidelity on either sides, a mysterious suicide leaves the readers wondering who is in the wrong. The author has shown no bias when it comes to portraying her protagonists and ensured that the story is visualised from various angles and view points.

I however feel that the end A gripping tale indeed.

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I however feel that the end could have been better leaving no scope for ambuiguity but guess that's the authors ways of leaving her readers longing for more. I rarely pick up mysteries but glad I did. It reminded me a lot of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. So if you are into mysteries, highly recommended. Aishwarya Ananth rated it liked it Oct 04, Divya rated it really liked it Sep 02, Subhajit Das rated it really liked it Nov 21, Malvika Singh rated it really liked it Sep 10, Rubal added it Aug 13, Nivethitha marked it as to-read Aug 13, Arushi Agrawal marked it as to-read Aug 18, Ashrith Shetty marked it as to-read Aug 30, Abhijeet Kumar marked it as to-read Sep 01, Vanya marked it as to-read Sep 19, Miti Vaidya marked it as to-read Sep 27, Ruso Rai marked it as to-read Jul 27, Payal Mankad marked it as to-read Jul 31, Shoma Narayanan added it Aug 02, Kritika marked it as to-read Aug 09, Examining the destruction a dystopian marriage and mental illness leave in their wake, 'Missing Presumed Dead' confronts the fragility of relationships, the ugly truths about love and death and the horrifying loss of everything we hold dear, including ourselves.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. This is a story primarily about mental illness, and how it takes over lives when the right treatment is not sought for it. The protagonist Aisha is a mom of two — tethering on the fine line between sanity and insanity. According to article 45 of Civil Code of Russia , a person may be declared dead in absentia only by a court decision, on the following grounds:.

A legal date of death is considered to be the date when the court decision declaring person dead was made. If a person disappeared under life-threatening circumstances, the day of his or her actual disappearance may also be considered the legal date of death.

The declaration of death in absentia by the court has the same legal consequences as if the fact of death was proven:. If such decision was a mistake and the person later returned, the decision is nullified and the person becomes eligible to request most of his assets back. However, if the husband or wife of such person married again, the marriage will not be restored. His funds and securities, taken under bona fide circumstances, also cannot be requested back. English law generally assumes a person is dead if, after seven years:. This is a rebuttable presumption at common law—if the person subsequently appears, the law no longer considers them dead.

Otherwise, courts may grant leave to applicants to swear that a person is dead within or after the seven-year period. This kind of application would only be made sooner than seven years where death is probable, but not definitive such as an unrecovered plane crash at sea , following an inquest see below. Such an application is specific to the court where it is made—thus separate applications must be made at a coroner's inquest, for proceedings under the Matrimonial Causes and Civil Partnership Acts for remarriage , for probate , and under the Social Security Act.

These processes were not considered satisfactory, and so in February—March , the Presumption of Death Act was passed to simplify this process. This declaration is conclusive and cannot be appealed. It is recorded on a new Register of Presumed Deaths, and has the same effect as a registration of death. Death is taken to occur on a the last day that they could have been alive if the court is satisfied that they are dead , or b the day seven years after the date they were last seen if death is presumed by the elapse of time.

In England and Wales , if the authorities believe there should be an inquest , the local coroner files a report. This may be done to help a family receive a death certificate that may bring some closure. An inquest strives to bring any suspicious circumstances to light. The coroner then applies to the Secretary of State for Justice , under the Coroners Act section 15, for an inquest with no body.

The seven years rule only applies in the High Court of Justice on the settlement of an estate. According to a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice , the number of requests received each year is fewer than ten, but few of these are refused. Without a body, an inquest relies mostly on evidence provided by the police , and whether senior officers believe the missing person is dead.

In Scotland, legal aspects of death in absentia are outlined in the Presumption of Death Scotland Act If a person lived in Scotland on the date they were last known to be alive, authorities can use this act to declare the person legally dead after the standard period of seven years. Constitution provides that all powers not expressly or implicitly assigned to the federal state are reserved to the 50 unitary states. The declaration of a missing person as legally dead thus falls under state jurisdiction unless there is a reason for the federal government to have jurisdiction e.

Otherwise, there are 57 U. People who disappear are typically called missing , or sometimes absent. Several criteria are evaluated to determine whether a person may be declared legally dead:. Absent Persons in Civil Law " published in the Louisiana Law Review , stated that as of , the number of such cases in the United States was estimated at between 60, and , According to Edgar Sentell, a retired senior vice-president and general counsel of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, almost all states recognize the presumption of death, by statute or judicial recognition of the common law rule.

Some states have amended their statutes to reduce the seven-year period to five consecutive years missing, and some, such as Minnesota and Georgia , have reduced the period to four years. If someone disappears, those interested can file a petition to have them declared legally dead. They must prove by the criteria above that the person is in fact dead. There are constitutional limitations to these procedures: The presumption must arise only after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed.

The absent person must be notified. Courts permit notifying claimants by publication.