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Nicholas" which later became famous as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". The origins of Moore's vision are unclear, although Arthur, Rush and Ruck all think the poet probably drew from northern European motifs that derive from Siberian or Arctic shamanic traditions. At the very least, Arthur wrote, Santa's sleigh and reindeer are probably references to various related northern European mythology. For example, the Norse god Thor known in German as Donner flew in a chariot drawn by two goats, which have been replaced in the modern retelling by Santa's reindeer , Arthur wrote.

Other historians were unaware of a connection between Santa and shamans or magic mushrooms , including Stephen Nissenbaum, who wrote a book about the origins of Christmas traditions, and Penne Restad, of the University of Texas at Austin, both of whom were contacted by LiveScience.

How the French Took Algiers: Or the Janissary’s Slave

But Rush and Ruck disagree, saying shamans did deal with reindeer spirits and the ingestion of mushrooms is well documented. Siberian shamans did wear red deer pelts, but the coloring of Santa's garb is mainly meant to mirror the coloring of Amanita mushrooms, Rush added.

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As for sleighs, the point isn't the exact mode of travel, but that the "trip" involves transportation to a different, celestial realm, Rush said. Sometimes people would also drink the urine of the shaman or the reindeer, as the hallucinogenic compounds are excreted this way, without some of the harmful chemicals present in the fungi which are broken down by the shaman or the reindeer , Rush said.

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It is a tradition that can be traced back to Siberia. This is a repurposing of a story published on Dec.

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8 Ways Magic Mushrooms Explain Santa Story

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