The Unwilling Cuckold (Uncertain Cuckold Book 2)

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She wants other men to dominate her.

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Occasionally Matt rises up against his subservience and dominates her. She really loves that. But how often can the cuckold find the strength to turn the tables on his mistress? With the wedding looming, Matt worries his shameful secret will get out to their families. Jill wants a threesome with Gary and Matt - as preview to a a threesome with Gary and his friend Steve.

This would allow Gary, posing as her boyfriend, to share her with another man. She would, a couple of months before their wedding, do this? And will he even get to watch? What will happen if Gary and Jill finally push him too far? I read this third part in two days, staying awake into the early hours to finish it, I was so engrossed I couldn't put it down.

This unfolding story is sensational. With Jill taking her role as mistress to new heights, and Matthew's cuckold training taking him to depths that not even He imagined. Thus pushing his boundaries of what he finds acceptable. This third instalment has some emotion weaved through, there is a tug of war for Jill's love and affection from, Gary and Matt. It's hard to read at times, especially the ongoing perverse relationship between Gary and Jill, that seems to be developing into something more. The anticipation of what they will do together, and what story, Jill will allow Matt to know is enough to quicken your pulse.

Jill's self-indulgent ways have left Matt is turmoil, but in turmoil with a hard on which he relishes. There is temptation, temptation that the trained cuckolded, Matthew finds hard to resist. Jill is warped in her teasing, but in this part she shows a vulnerable side, although she keeps you guessing as to, if she is being genuine. This series stands out against other books I've read with similar titles. Highly emotional, highly sexed, highly arousing. There is so much more going on in this book, but I don't want to spill any spoilers.

But I recommend, it's well written, and sexy as hell, so very, very HOT. Feel the tension and distance, Jill's bull, Gary is trying to push between Jill and Matt. Explicit, dirty, shocking, loving, thrilling to read. Thoroughly enjoyed 'Undefeated' my favourite so far.

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Worth every single STAR! Vt Vaughn's work is a real game changer. His work is at times almost primal in nature and has a way of getting under your skin. Every good story must move the reader in some particular direction and draw out some response from that reader.

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As I read the pages hungrily and iifound the story both vivid and excitingas the story and its characters came to life right before my eyes. I found myself move through a wide range of emotions while reading Vt Vaughn's The Unforeseen Chuckold 3 from arousal to shocking disbelief. Danny Jones author writer speaker. Get to Know Us. Not Enabled Word Wise: She compromises, setting him a series of tasks, which she labels his cuckold training, to complete.

Can Matt complete his training in time and prove himself as Jill's loyal, little cuckold? And will she in return agree to take Gary again as her bull? And what of those consequences for Matt, if she does?

The Unwilling Cuckold

And what does he make of these other potential bulls Jill mentions during his cuckold training? The Undefeated Cuckold is a highly-tempered excursion into dangerous new territory for the now defined mistress Jill and her cuckold Matt in this third novel in The Uncertain Cuckold series. Jill relives her weekend with her bull, but in the days that follow Matt realises her dedication to Gary has waned. Further probing reveals her attention has become distracted by another, and it is something Jill is determined to explore.

Until Gary's unforeseen Christmas present has earth-shattering consequences, impressing upon Jill the lavish lifestyle he can provide her. Matt is continually bound by his doctrine to be duteous to his bride-to-be's needs, no matter how extreme or ridiculous. Still refusing to shave her pubic hair, without explanation, Jill pursues the idea of a threesome, first with Matt and Gary, secondly with Gary and his friend, Steve. While her interest in dogging continues to grow, especially as Gary reveals the name of the location he has planned.

Matt is reminded he must not interfere, the burden of his blackmail alive and well.

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Gary also insists that Jill make a very physical dedication to him, scarring her body intimately and permanently. She is in two minds, torn to loyalty to her groom-in-waiting, while Matt is dead set against it Until he is recruited to persuade her. The Unforeseen Cuckold sees both Jill and Matt's behaviour manifest in ways neither quite imagined before.

Jill has betrayed her bull's trust, and she must face the devastating consequences. Matt, meanwhile, can barely resist the temptation of his attraction to Francesca. Jill struggles with an inner war, revealing the ownership of that man from her past, her master, is burdening her.

The Undefeated Cuckold (Uncertain Cuckold Book 3) eBook: V T Vaughn: Kindle Store

She realises she is seeking control one second, and the absolute annihilation of it the next. She is teetering on the brink of two possible precipices Holy matrimony, with its lifetime of commitment And sexual slavery, submitting herself to the might of a furious, possessive older lover. Jill rebels, exploring her cruel, dominant side, perhaps in an attempt to regain control of herself, and forces Matt to wear her skimpiest thongs. He fights, but mistress Jill truly breaks her cuckold, labelling him everything from sissy to pantyboy While Francesca offers Matt sexual sanctuary from such torment.

It's possible he's gone forever. But his physical presence is irrelevant. I feel him in my head He truly possessed this. Even in marriage to you, it'll be his. The past dictates the present, and it shapes the future. It cannot be changed. And he cannot be replaced But my needs are changing And I truly believe I need to go dogging with Gary.

The Unchained Cuckold is the most devastating and brutal book so far in The Uncertain Cuckold series. It is a novel which combines subtext, subtlety and subterfuge. The story resumes where Unforeseen left off, with Jill in a car park, dogging with Gary. Matt is watching as Gary orders Jill out of the car, to stand up and to let the stranger fuck her.

Does Matt rebuke his conditioning before the sizzling sex escalates? All-out war seemingly breaks out between Matt and Jill. The engagement ring is wrestled from her finger, but by who?

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Matt continues to see Francesca, as both Valentine's Day and his own 30th birthday approach. Can he manage the burden of two beautiful women?

What will happen when they both want to spend time with him on the same days? And what of Jill's teasing that Francesca is interested in a threesome with her and Gary? What of the evidence that mounts in support of her claims? Matt finds himself relegated to the spare room at the weekend, with Gary now staying over and assuming the role of the man of the house.

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His phone will light up with messages from Francesca. Can he maintain the secrecy of his affair from Jill?