Jordan: A Hashemite Legacy (The Contemporary Middle East)

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The Struggle for Iraq's Future. Regionalism and Rebellion in Yemen. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jordan: A Hashemite Legacy

A History of Modern Oman. Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy. An Introduction to Middle East Politics. Who Is Winning the War in Afghanistan? Remaking the Middle East. Identity, Representation and the Struggle for Self- Determination. State and Nation-Building in Pakistan.

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The New Turkey and Its Discontents. Saudi Arabia in a Multipolar World.

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Abdullah Gul and the Making of the New Turkey. Jordan and the Arab Uprisings. Transformations in West Asia: Democratic Transition and Security in Pakistan. State Collapse and the Threat of Terrorism.

Jordan: A Hashemite Legacy (The Contemporary Middle East) - download pdf or read online

Islamism, Democracy and Liberalism in Turkey. Interplay of Domestic Politics and Foreign. War by Other Means. Understanding Turkey's Kurdish Question. The War in Ukraine: Storm in the Desert. The In stability factor in India's neighbourhood?

Democracy and Youth in the Middle East. Retaining the conceptual framework of the first edition through emphasis on the dual themes of continuity and change, the second edition of Libya is revised and updated to include discussion of key developments since , including: The February 17 Revolution and the death of Muammar al-Qaddafi. In a time of great political change and unrest in the Middle East, this highly topical text offers a succinct account of the contemporary political environment in Lebanon.

Tom Najem provides both a developed understanding of the pre-civil war system and an analysis of how circumstances resulting…. Stretching between the savannah and the equator, Sudan is a microcosm of Africa, with one leg in the Arab world and the other in Africa. Sudan's development, however, has failed to address the differences within the country between its diverse ethnic communities.

This has resulted in political…. Nevertheless, under the leadership of the Hashemite monarchy led by Abdullah and then his grandson Hussein, the Kingdom of Jordan became a permanent feature on the map of the….

The Contemporary Middle East Series by Beverley Milton-Edwards

Saudi Arabia provides a clear, concise yet analytical account of the development of the Saudi state. This study examines the development of the Syrian state as it has emerged under thirty-five years of military-Ba'thist rule and, particularly, under President Hafiz al-Asad. It analyzes the way in which the fragility of the post-independence state, unable to contain rising nationalist struggle and….

By Clive Jones , Emma C. Often regarded as the only true manifestation of political pluralism in the contemporary Middle East, the state of Israel has dominated the history and politics of the region for over fifty years.

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