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I can't really believe the two last movies, I have seen.. Maybe, I am trying to find my inner-man, or inner-nerd.

Richard Basswood - Single Man in London

I have no clue, which one I try to find. From outer looks I look like a man, and by the usage of my computer, I am a true nerd. The funny thing was, that after the movie, some real Trekkie came, and yelled at us. That is a true nerd, respecting the facts of a science-fiction series. But, to be honest half of the world believes in a book written by old men with big beards. So, science-fiction can be a religion as well.

The difference between Scientologists and Trekkies is mainly that being a Trekkie, is still a hell lot cheaper! But, it is relatively weird that people still believe in books. Is it just a fact, that we want to escape from the reality? A book, is sort of a drug. If your own life is filled with such boredom, a science-fiction book is an easy way to escape reality. But, why do we see trekkies as nerds, and people who believe in god, as something normal? I think the main reason is the history. If Star Trek, would have been the first book's written next to the Testaments, maybe we would all worship something completely different.

If someone says, that believing in God is pure, because of the immaterialism, I would not completely agree with this fact. God is not immaterial anymore. In being a part of a church, you pay taxes. A lot of taxes. These taxes are just sort of hidden, so you don't realise you have to pay them. At least Scientologists don't fake this fact.

I still like churches. I just don't like the fact that you have to believe in anything else, except yourself. Monday, 12 January Let's talk about impossible assumptions. Let's talk about women. Or actually, in let's talk about impossible assumptions. A man wants a woman, who is really good in bed, but a virgin.

This is the typical myth. We all men, want women, who are really nice, open, good at bed, but at the same time, we want to me partly shy, not over provocative , with good manners. I mean, this is what we all want, but in fact, no-one in this world can be really good at bed, without having any sex before I still think the fact what women want from men, is even more impossible. Women want men, who are good with women, trustworthy, but they don't want them to be "players". What is it, that women want their men to attract women, be happy, funny and talkative, but at the same time, if you behave like that, you are generally assumed straight away that you are a "player".

If I would have to describe a definition of a player, I would say, he would be something of a person, who plays with women's hearts. I mean, if you are truly honest to every single person you meet, you are not a player, because you are not gonna break anyone's heart. For example, I am always considered as a player, because I talk alot. But, in fact, I just like to talk, and me talking to women, doesn't mean that I am in love with them. If I like the girl, I am talking to, she will know it, and I will make sure she will get the best treatment in the world, in every single thing I do.

Therefore, I really don't like the fact, that men who talk, and who attract women are called "players", I think they should just be called, "socially active people". It is really not your faulth if you are "lucky with the ladies", you either have it, or you don't have it. Can do nothing about it. I think at some point, or it could be that some men, will never understand. That being good with women, means, you are just yourself.

In fact, real recognizes real, and if you are not real, you will be spotted. Men should play games, and women should play games as well. I think this is complete bullshit. To be honest, people who read this rule, are probably the one's who end up in a completely sad, and dishonest relationship. For example, if you are in love with someone, straight away, just say it. I know it sounds scary for some people, but if the person has the same kind of mindset, it really doesn't matter.

She or He will like you as well. Being in love, or falling in love in the first minute, is normal. I think every single person, who has dated a lot, and had lucky and unlucky relationships, can spot the ONE, pretty fast. I think women's magazines and men's magazines are giving young people, and older people as well the assumption, that our love life should be a part of a game. To be honest, if you ONLY want to get laid with that person, it will probably work, but when you are searching for a relationship, You should follow your heart, not a single year woman cougar columnist. Every person has their "own type".

This is just the most biggest bullshit ever. Okay, in some way it works, but in some way it doesn't. I mean, if people generally say "no" to someone, without really talking to them, just because "they are not your type", you could easily miss the best opportunity of your life. To be honest, I've done the same. At one point, I was only attracted to dark women, like no single blond could make me even turn my head. It sounds, really shallow, and it is really shallow.

But, now when I have grown older, stronger, and better. I don't really look at anything else, except, the whole package. To be honest, I still think the eye's are the most important aspect, they tell a lot. If a person, doesn't have good eye contact, I just can't get any feeling. Big Eyes attract me. Some people like big lips, some big hips.. I like them eyes. If people ask, if I am a Breast or Bottom person, I just have to answer the eyes.

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You can always go to the gym, and make your butt better, or if you are totally unsatisfied, tone your breasts, or even get silicones, if you really want. But have you ever heard of an eye replacement surgery? I stick to the eyes. If your eyes smile, you smile. And to be honest, a woman in her 70's can still look great, if she has passionate eyes, a year old woman, with good breasts and a good ass, just doesn't get me anywhere!

Yep, another impossible assumption, to be honest, the more succesful you are, the less time you will be able to spend home. Maybe, if you have inherited money, it is possible, but every rich person does a lot of work. And most of the, do so much work, that they really can not get away from it. That is one thing that people love, I was out lately in a nightclub, and a I had friend checking Currency Exchange Rate's in a NightClub..

There is a thin red line, between being obsessed and being interested. I still think the best people in their own section, can separate their work and pleasure. Work is much more pleasant, when you don't think about it all the time. We want people not to be shallow. Of course they do. I mean, they have to. It doesn't mean, that everyone likes the same type of look, some of my friends, don't like the same looking girls, I love.

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  • But, it does count. U can't straight away say, it was someone's personality, it is impossible to see a personality in a bar. Unless, you are psychic, and you should sell your talent. Do it for work, if you are that intelligent. I still think, that keeping yourself fit, can tell something about your personality, and compability, because normally people who love to do sports, fit well together, and couchpotatoes, can lay on the sofa together.

    Love at first sight is impossible. It is definitely possible. I have fallen in love, really fast. And all of the relationships have lasted longer than 2 years. I still think, that the best relationships come from people who have a steady friendship, behind them, because it makes it easier. I do believe in it. But, I also believe in Faith, and in myself. Faith happens, but what happens after that, is all up to you. Sunday, 26 October Let's talk more politics! Today, I had to witness elections. I wasn't as interested about these elections, as the one's in USA. To be honest, I tried to become interested, but it seems politics in Finland are kind of dull.

    To be honest, really dull. The only good thing, that I perpetraded is that we are almost going to the right direction. Less Socialistic than before. When, I have friends visiting Finland, they either love it, or hate it.

    Meet the woman helping London's richest bachelors in pursuit of love | Daily Mail Online

    If they visit during the summer time, they love it. If they visit during the winter time, they hate it. The winter is approaching, faster than I can imagine, and I am starting to hate it. I have most of my friends here, I have my family here, but there is still something, that we don't have. We have a socialistic government, and a huge lack of individualism.

    Individualists promote the exercise of one's goals and desires, while opposing most external interference with one's choices, whether by society, the state, or any other group or institution. There is a law against cartels. I don't think that other countries, have such a lack of choice. I will make a list, of what we DON'T have. Small Shops, and cafeterias. When I use to be young, we used to have bakeries, small Kiosks, and small shops. At the moment we have a Picnic-chain, a R-kioski chain and Shopping malls.

    Alcohol Alcohol is sold by our government, whom can price everything by their needs. Food Food is mainly monopolized, with RuokaKesko, mainly defining the price of food. To be honest, the nightclub problem, doesn't disturb me as much as the problem we have with restaurants. Helsinki is a small exception, but if you go to a small city, the choice is mainly Fransmanni, Rosso, and Chico's. All owned by SOK. The restaurants lack characteristic, and there is no soul in them. If you want to complain about the food, you can't. No-one is in charge. Shopping Malls Who the heck decided that in Helsinki.

    Than rather developing the city, We should build shopping malls around Helsinki, and one in the center. Wouldn't it be nicer, to see people walking in the center, than in some shopping malls? These malls lack of characteristic, and mainly all of the same shops are everywhere. There are normally Food stores. And normally not during Sunday's. I think Every single person, who lives next to the construction area, would rather have the work done in months, rather than in 12 months. We should not pay the workers by HOUR, rather by contract.

    This would make everything more efficient. If you pay a construction worker by hour, he will make sure, that the work is done as slow as possible. Now we have ABC and Neste. Who owns this 2 shops? Company Taxes To attract more companies, we need to lower taxes. This is just a fact. We need to have an easier route for self-employement. If we are run by 2 different parties, and the country is ran by 2 different companies. How hard it is for people to create small shops? To develop the city?

    This is about grams of Salmon. We need cheaper sushi places. We don't need more kebab stores. We don't need more HesBurgers. Finland is battling with a huge problem of obesity, Cheap Sushi would not make anyone fat. There could even be a Sushi Place, that only serves Sushi made from Salmon, and other Finnish fishes.

    What is good about today's results? Two of the biggest parties, were not the SDP, neither the Center-party. We are on our way for a better Hellsinki. Tuesday, 21 October Let's talk politics!

    I think I am not the only one concerned about the situation in our beloved US of A at the moment, and I think I should talk about openly, the problems that media is creating towards the blue-eyed citizens of today. I love them lists. Let's make a list of what Presidents don't have to be.

    A good president doesn't have to be a good comedian. I know, it is really lovely to watch the two controversial characters, in different shows. We probably don't live on the same page. I am not saying that being a year old man, is the cause of problems in the future. Or Being a close to 40' year old Hockey- mom is the other cause. I am just saying that being well perpetraded in a 15 million spectators' Comedy Show, isn't probably the real reason you should vote for presidency? I hope someone agrees about this. If anyone has ever seen, the Episode were Homer gets elected as the Governor, when he acts like a mascot?

    The only difference we are facing today is, honestly kind of sad. We are not watching comics, this is our reality. Bush seems like a funny guy, but so did one guy in my class who was a bully, and became no-one. Comedy doesn't equal intelligence. Only in the case, when intelligence is combined with comedy. We all know, Bush lacks that. It is Good Barack also knows some comedy. A good president doesn't have to have a certain color, or a certain sex. This is one of the biggest dilemmas America is facing, ever.

    And racism doesn't stand for racism against a certain color, but racism against certain beliefs, or certain ideologies. First of all, Democrats didn't stick together.


    First, Hillary and Obama were pretty much against eachother during the pre-campaign. They don't share the voters. Many of the voters changed to a completely different party. If Hillary comes, after a week of begging, in front of the cameras and gives her support to Obama, it is compared to Tiger Woods saying to Phil Mickelson, after losing by one shot, "You deserved it! A thing we say, because of the media, our image, we want to be perpetraded as something good, not something bad. In this world, people will always find something they can hate.

    If you are a shy person, you hate people who are more open than you. If you are an open person, you dislike shy people, and want to make them more open. We just can't all get along. In this world, there are so many men, who would never vote for a woman. And there are so many women in this world, who would never vote for a man. What is the ratio of Super Delegats in the Congress, when It comes for the ratio of women to men? And what is the ratio of Black vs White? You go figure it out. In the end, for the end result. Who do you think has a better advantage?

    Cody VanderKaay @ Oakland University Art Gallery

    White Male or a Black Male? Or hypothetically, a White Man vs a White Woman? False accusations, are just false accusations. I know, there is a saying, every rumour has some truth in it. To be honest, that is not true at all. During my life, I have been accused, of some things, I have no interest in being part of. I have been accused of disliking people, I don't even know. Or have never even seen. The same goes for political rumours. John McCain was asked, in an interview.

    What about the nasty politics you use? Describing Obama as a friend of terrorists? He actually claimed, that Obama had said, it was a good thing that the terrorists attacked USA. No video, no Audio, nothing. But, an audience of millions of people, hundreds of newspapers and a huge spread in "Internet tabloids". This is how the world works. Saying something, completely out of nowhere, generates so much media coverage, that in the end, it doesn't even matter if it was true.

    Some people will never know the truth, neither care about it. What is said, stays forever. Let's take another example, to get an idea, how you can harm, by doing nothing. Even if McCain would apologize in the end. A restaurant in Helsinki, Finland, got accusations of spreading Salmonella. In a huge spread of about million readers. For 2 days in a row. They never spread Salmonella.

    This was a false accusation. The newspaper, but 2 days after, a small note on one page, saying, we apologize for the fact, that we told something, that was not really the truth. The restaurant only had small problems with hygiene, but nothing serious. The Spreads, or the correction of the truth? This is completely what we are doing in the politics. Or the media does us. I am not saying Obama's campaign is clear and honest, but there is still more honesty in the Democratic rally, than in the Republican one. Conclusion To hope, and to hope, and to hope even more.

    That the audience will listen, be subjective about what they hear, and actually think about their decision, before they make it. Being funny in TV, doesn't mean, you are a good leader. Being a good musician, doesn't mean you are a good Tv-Host. Most of us think, we have talent for everything, but in the end, we are talented in certain things, not all the things. I could never become a mathematician. Sarah Palin could never lead a country. John McCain could, maybe with some help, but he can also die the next day. And it would be considered as a death of "natural causes".

    That is how old he is. Thursday, 16 October Everlasting illness. What is it with people getting sick all the time? It seems,when I was younger, we only got sick once in a year At the moment, seems people are sick at least times a year, some people even more. I wasn't sick the whole last year, in terms of flu, or body. I've been sick all the time. It seems, that I have zero parts in my body, that have not been influenced by some type of killer virus.

    And I have pretty much broken, every single part of my body. Should I blame the "over-hygienic" world from my illnesses? Or am I not cautious enough about washing my hands? This could be true, because I tend to write a lot with my laptop, and I read that the keyboard can have times more bacteria, than anywhere else And, how many people, wash their hands after using their laptop? I bet not too many! And what is it with being sick? When I was young, you always had somekind of a disease, you could get cure for. Nowadays, it is either the A or the B or the C-Virus Hopefully we don't get the NC-Virus too soon.

    Suddenly I had a 39,5c fever, which lasted for 3-days in a row. Completely out of nowhere. I think we should make our environment less hygienic, we would not get as many allergies, and have more resistance towards bacteria and viruses. Long-live the French Hygiene! Wednesday, 1 October Guidance vs Restrictions. Do we need guidance? This is just a highly rhetorical question that anyone could answer But I am trying to get it out as a point-of-view, for our whole life. I think we do need guidance, but we don't need restrictions.

    Incredible one, I would definitely recommend it to everyone. The movie was once again, following a bit the paths of Clint Eastwood, and judging the ethics and codes in our life. The movie, I am not gonna talk about, you should see it yourself, but it is an interesting story, it just made me think about our lives in general.

    Do we become, what we are when are old? Are people just born in certain way, and no matter what guidance you have, you will end up being, what u were ment to be It seems like it, but you can have opinions about it. I hope and think, that in general a human being is: But, I also know, and have experienced, that there are people who are less good. This could be blamed on lack of guidance in life, or lack of restrictions. What is in my opinion the perfect balance, between guidance and restriction?

    I think, when you are growing up, you do need a role-model, someone to look up to, but f. What did I become, I became a man, who has if needed, good manners, but who pretty much says everything I want to say, out loud. From the age of 3 to the age of I have not changed a bit. You can call me stubborn? This is your perspective. I think intelligence, is generally been perpetraded as something, in the scale from In Finland, it is 4 to 10, I don't know why?

    Is it that, no-one in the world is bad as 0,1,2,3 or is it that we don't want to humiliate people, calling them zero's? I think there is many different forms of intelligence, I would call myself, socially intelligent, musically and visually intelligent. I am happy, with what my mom has given me. Yes, I had guidance, but did I have restrictions, not really.

    My mom pretty much, let me do whatever I wanted, as long as I informed her where I was. So I did that, everyday, and never let her down. I got drunk, I had sex, I have smoked cigarettes.. I have pretty much done everything that you should not do, but I am still alive. I have seen more life as a 27 yrs old person, than most of us will see when we are To be honest, guidance is great, but restrictions are stupid.

    Most of the parents, who restrict their childrens lives are the ones, who did all the mistakes when they were young and still grew up to be normal. The problem is, restricting your children for the outcome of becoming a "suburban-syndrome-child", is one of the worst things that could happen. People are not happy, if they aren't allowed to do what they want.

    If you restrict your child to not do anything stupid, they will definitely do it. That is how the human kind works! The more you restrict, the more you try. Think about the general problems inside marriages, or relationships. Women tend to restrict men, on stopping their lives, that they had before, and men do the same for women.

    The outcome is outrageous. All because of restrictions. If the other person tells, our guides, that maybe you can do this a little bit more, or doesn't restrict them totally, they will stay happy. The fact is that, you can try to guide someone's life, but if you restrict these people from living, they will get angry, and make a move against you. I know people, who hate their parents. I could never imagine this, I love my mom, more than anything in the world. She has supported me, everywhere. And I can talk about anything to her. I hope in the future, I will be the same kind of influence to my children, if I am delighted to get some of them.

    But, the question, that still is in my head? Does it really matter if we guide or restrict, is it just, that we become, what we are ment to be? I was a happy child, and I became a happy adult. I've seen sad childs, and they have become sad adults. Is it really in our hands?

    Or is there just a place for everyone. If there is no evil, there is no good. If there is no sadness, there is no happiness. The wars are never gonna end, the economy will never be totally in balance, and there will never be only happy people. If people think, that the economical problems, will affect everyone, they are wrong.

    This is just what the mass media perpetrates. In fact, when the stocks go down, there is always someone who benefits from it. And the Analyst who say, that the stocks are going down, have their money on the stocks that are going up. This is how, the majority of people will get screwed. We can't do nothing about. This is our life, and we have to live with it. The same goes for the elections in the States. There is a possibility that a woman, who thinks dinosaurs used to live here yrs ago will rule the world Was she born as a leader, I doubt it.

    She just had the wrong guidance and a huge amount of restrictions. Sunday, 21 September Come and face the reality. How could I start this I am totally fucked The last blog I wrote about was, about Alcohol Consumption. I have to face the reality, and stop consuming. I really don't know, what is it about Finland? It just seems, we can't do anything withoug alcohol, and it seems I am becoming one part of this vicious cycle. In the darkened bar of a hotel in Kensington, London, scores of young women in short, tight dresses are huddled together, sipping white wine.

    Scattered among them are a few men, usually much, much older, in suits and ties. I also have a base in Paris and New York. I dabble in property. Should I let my husband have his own sex life? What should I do? My wife's family won't accept me. Similar sites to Seeking Arrangement launch every month. Recent newcomers include seekingmillionaire.

    These sites offer a marketplace where older, rich men and younger, pretty women engage in brutally brazen transactions. Such brashness is paying off. Founded 10 years ago, Seeking Arrangment now has a million members on its American site and , in Britain. Men want gorgeous women and women tend to look at men in terms of how successful they are. The concept of the gold-digger is not new. Commuters are left soaked and frustrated as water Student editor who tweeted that 'women don't have penises' is fired from university journal in transgender The Hero of Bronagh: Dramatic moment tree surgeon father-of-one, 32, who 'would help anyone without Scotland Yard 'finally admits senior officers KNEW undercover policeman was having affair with green The smarter way to travel!

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    A sweat-drenched nightmare for too-trusting PM: The Salzburg showdown was May vs a phalanx of identikit The Salisbury Prezzo scare put the city on lockdown again. Police and hospital staff were scrambled - for a Boris Becker's estranged wife Lily 'calls him Satan' as tennis star makes cryptic post about 'walking away Newlywed sailor accused of drowning his wife is caught on camera in a heated Vietnamese president Tran Dai Quang dies aged 61 after battling serious illness for months More than feared dead as ferry built to carry 'with passengers on board' capsizes on Tanzania's Security experts fear the early release of extremist preacher Anjem Choudary and his supporters next month Millionaire farmer's ex-wife and his two sons are among four people quizzed over his murder as underwater Justin Bieber sparks concern for his well-being as 'disturbing' video shows him twitching and shaking while The death of the High Street: Goop is coming to London!

    Gwyneth Paltrow is to open her wellness brand's first pop-up store in the UK - but Meghan's Grenfell cookery book launch was another royal coup for her mother Doria — but it laid Still feeling a bit peckish, Harry? Cheeky Prince is caught sneaking samosas behind his back as he supports Styled by the Duchess of Sussex? Celebration lunch for Meghan's first royal project boasts trendy candles, He really is a smooth operator!

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