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Submit it and forget it. Seek links from authority sites in your industry.

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

If local search matters to you more on that coming up , seek links from trusted sites in your geographic area — the Chamber of Commerce, local business directories, etc. Analyze the inbound links to your competitors to find links you can acquire, too. Create great content on a consistent basis and use social media to build awareness and links. A blog is great for this; see below. Use press releases wisely.

Developing a relationship with media covering your industry or your local region can be a great source of exposure, including getting links from trusted media web sites. Distributing releases online can be an effective link building tactic, and opens the door for exposure in news search sites. Only issue a release when you have something newsworthy to report. Start a blog and participate with other related blogs. Search engines, Google especially, love blogs for the fresh content and highly-structured data.

Reading and commenting on other blogs can also increase your exposure and help you acquire new links.

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Put your blog at yourdomain. Use social media marketing wisely. If your business has a visual element, join the appropriate communities on Flickr and post high-quality photos there. Any business should also be looking to make use of Twitter and Facebook , as social information and signals from these are being used as part of search engine rankings for Google and Bing. Be an active, contributing member of the site. The idea is to interact with potential customers, not annoy them. Take advantage of local search opportunities.

Online research for offline buying is a growing trend. Optimize your site to catch local traffic by showing your address and local phone number prominently. Submit your site to the free local listings services that the major search engines offer. This leads to a website that is easy to find, that draws customers in, and that can potentially become influential in its subject area. They increase the likelihood that a website will be penalized by Google and banished from the organic search results. They can also sometimes cause customers to leave the web pages without considering the idea, product or service.

The following infographic further explains some differences between white hat and black hat SEO techniques.

21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques

It provides some examples so you can determine whether the techniques you or your webmaster use are acceptable. The writers consulted an SEO management firm, which lead to a quiet investigation on J. They uncovered a huge link-building scheme. Basically, instead of actually creating such compelling content that people would want to link to their website, J. Google caught wind of the scheme.

Penny disappeared from the listings on the Internet. SearchDex, the SEO firm they were using, was immediately fired.

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  • By hiring a firm that was willing to engage in questionable techniques, J. Instead, they ended up losing a lot of money, good will, and opportunity. A lot of their marketing was situated in Internet platforms, which meant a loss in potential revenue. They had to spend money to get every bad link manually removed. Until each bad link was removed, Google would not lift its penalty.

    That means that the influence they had on the Internet was severely reduced. High-quality SEO work is an investment. Choosing to do cheap or questionable SEO work now might mean having to spend even more money later.

    Top SEO Tips, Techniques and Strategies 2011

    While you may be a highly skilled web developer, you may not be well versed in the word of search engine optimization. If you think that filling the meta keyword tag or jamming a keyword into the first words as often as possible will help your site, keep reading. If you are familiar with some basic SEO techniques, stay tuned. Part two will get a bit more advanced.

    When laying out the plans for a new website many developers use folders as a way to better organize files but nothing more. An SEO will actually take this opportunity to get the targeted keywords in front of the search engines once again. However, if the folder were named, kids shoes pictures it gets the keyword into the URL another time.

    21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques - Search Engine Land

    A distant cousin of this tip is to make sure that your URLs are search engine friendly. Some applications, like WordPress, have a default permalink that looks a little like this: That says little about that page to your visitor and even less to the search engines. Most websites and blogs are filled with images because they really make a site stand out. For a test, go to Google images and search for some pictures on any topic you choose. Probably quite a few. There are even more, I am sure, that use only a single word as the file name.

    Using targeted keywords when naming images to be used on your sites can certainly help improve on how favorably the search engines view your site. As can the alt tag. Most developers have moved out of the nineties and use CSS to design the aesthetics of a website. If HTML is used for both, the search engines get confused.