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    Enter your credit card information to ensure uninterrupted service following your free trial. Begin reading God's Word ad-free with instant access to your new online study library. We must remember that the revelation of scripture is always progressive, and that Christ died to move us forward—not propel us backward.

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    We are the spiritual children of Abraham under a new and better covenant, so if Christ—in the Old Testament—saw fit to appoint a woman into such a position of prominence and authority, that ought to capture our attention. I grew up in a church environment in which women only served in minor roles of authority at such times when there was no man available.

    Even if an unqualified man with no gifting or ability volunteered, he would serve over a woman who was qualified. So what to do, then, with those pesky New Testament passages that come back time and again to trouble us?

    What’s Up With Deborah?

    First, taking scripture literally is a very good thing, as long as one keeps the broader picture in mind. Even the New Testament cannot be taken literally in every instance, or we would be walking around without hands and eyes! Rather, what we want to be careful of is to not brush off parts of scripture and dismiss them as not applicable to our current day just because they do not suit us. Basic hermeneutical rules apply—as mentioned, we have to see what the rest of the Bible says on the particular subject that a passage is addressing, and we must keep in mind that not all scripture is intended for formulating doctrine.


    There is, in fact, no Old Testament law or scripture that says this; it is likely a reference to a Jewish rabbinical tradition, as women and children were treated and regarded much like slaves in both Old and New Testament cultures. Within this culture most women were completely uneducated, which would further prohibit their ability to speak up.

    The Woman and the Dragon

    We already saw from Acts 2 that women are to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which includes prophecy. And Paul himself acknowledged that women can prophesy.

    There are also indications that this passage could be specifically addressed to a group of women in the church in Corinth who were causing chaos and disorder by the manner in which they were continually speaking up. As well, it is possible that Paul might actually have been quoting a section of a letter previously mailed to him perhaps even sarcastically , as most of the specific issues addressed in 1 Corinthians are topics from earlier correspondence related to this church. Scripture mentions women who were associated with Paul in apostolic ministry 6; see NKJV—some translations have removed the female association.

    Last Days Ministries : Last Days' Mexico Mercy Ministry

    This brings up another related issue—that of translation. Regardless of the canonization of scripture, we must acknowledge that the human element adds another layer of complexity to the issue of women within the church. My husband is my biggest cheerleader and supporter because he understands the principle of glorification. Remember when Jesus said in John My husband understands that as he releases me—and honors, respects and lifts me up in the Lord—he himself is exalted.