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I'll be reading his story! View all 16 comments. Aug 02, Book Binge rated it did not like it. Jace and Ash are best friends and are known for enjoying a woman together. Bethany, the waitress in discussion, needs this job. She gets to eat the leftovers and it gives her some much needed money. Right away the reader gets that Bethany is homeless. So Ash goes to Bethany to ask her if she wants to fool around. They think nothing of it and off they go. And this is where I had some serious problems. Jace and Ash are in this to get off.

I was frankly disgusted that they would refer to Bethany in terms of body parts while she was right there. I was put off by the whole scenario. But hey, Jace is smitten with Bethany and her tiny body and how vulnerable she looks, so this is a romance! I kept reading despite being very uncomfortable with that whole scene. So during the morning, Bethany sneaks off and Jace spends the next two weeks looking for her.

He finds out pretty quick that she is homeless which makes him more determined to find her. Once he finds her, he takes over her life, almost completely Bethany still tries to do some stuff on her own that always results in Jace freaking the hell out. And this whole scenario rubbed me the wrong way too. Jace is a control freak. And really, who else but a homeless woman who has to rely on him for everything could make him happy? He wants to control every aspect of her life and he does.

He has found his perfect woman. Because he knew she had neither power nor choice. He totally loves her right? How infuriating and patronizing and condescending! I like an alpha hero but this was too much. I was not comfortable with this story at all. I did not like the inequality between Bethany and Jace.

Feb 02, Paula rated it liked it Shelves: Fever is the second book in the Breathless trilogy by Maya Banks. When I met Jace and Ash in the first book, Rush , I was highly curious about the woman who would break up this double duo in the bedroom. These two best friends find it highly erotic to be with the same woman at the same time. From the moment Jace sees Bethany serving at his sister's engagement party, he was drawn t Fever is the second book in the Breathless trilogy by Maya Banks.

From the moment Jace sees Bethany serving at his sister's engagement party, he was drawn to her. When Ash notices who Jace is eyeing, he takes it upon himself to proposition Bethany to have threesome with them. This didn't please Jace. For the first time, Jace feels possessive of a woman and threatened by Ash being the third party. But he goes along with the deal anyway, for fear of not having her at all.

This one night of passion and erotic sex leaves Jace craving more of Bethany. Jace is the kind of man, once fixated on something he wants, he goes after it. Yet when he wakes up the next morning, he finds himself alone in the hotel.

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Jace becomes angry and desperate to find Bethany. When Jace does find Bethany, she's bruised and starving in a woman's shelter. Like a knight in shining armor, he rescues her from living in poverty. Bethany, who was once raised in foster homes, was once a recovering drug addict, and is now homeless living on the streets. She comes with a lot of baggage that includes: After learning Bethany's heartbreaking story, Jace is even more determined to have this woman who has consumed his thoughts and feelings. The truth is I want you in any way I can have you.

She overcame her drug addiction on her own, hoping to make her life better. But jobs don't come easily for the homeless. Jace is a great hero, he swoops in and rescues Bethany from a harsh life on the streets. He provides for her. Gives her whatever she wants or needs — luxuries Bethany is completely unaccustomed to but really appreciates.

These two may be total opposites, but they fit well together. This story is has a lot of emotional moments between the main characters that were very touching. It's also super sexy. I really think lovers of erotica will be fanning themselves over the sizzling sexy times between Bethany and Jace. Unfortunately, this story has a bad case of insta-love, which I'm not a huge fan of. I really wish the author spent some time developing their friendship, slowly building up the relationship before they jumped into a relationship.

It felt unrealistic when they were confessing their affections after only knowing each other for two days. Eh, that may just be the skeptic in me talking too. Gabe and Mia play an integral role in this story which made me jump for joy. I really adore this couple. We also get quite a bit of Ash as well. Part of the story is seeing how Ash and Jace handle their friendship when they are no longer sharing the same woman for the first time. There is definitely a lovely bromance between Gabe, Ash, and Jace.

Especially between Ash and Jace. I'm definitely looking Overall, I enjoyed this modern day Cinderella story.

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Maya Banks is an incredibly romantic and passionate writer. View all 10 comments. Feb 19, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I might just add that there is not cliffie though!! Thank goodness for that! I am giving Fever 4. I will start off in saying that I loved this book way better than the first in the series, even though the heroine tended to annoy me at times. I loved Jace, but I knew I would from when I read book one. Out of Gabe,Jace, and Phew! Out of Gabe,Jace, and Ash, this story focuses on Jace Crestwall and his love at first sight woman that he spots at his sisters engagement party.

Now, I will explain.. Jace's sister is engaged to Gabe, and Jace and Ash have always been even closer friends than they were with Gabe. In fact, they were so close that they were in the habit of sharing their one night stands with each other--at the same time!! They were known for their threesomes, and they both wouldn't have it any other way. The night of the engagement party changed everything; but not at first.

They do manage to share the gal Jace has set his eyes on,and to his surprise he was miserable during the whole sexual encounter. For the first time, he did NOT like his friend touching the woman in question at all. Bethany is homeless, and desperate to have a meal and a warm place to sleep that night. When she is propositioned by Ash and Jace, she grudgingly accepts their offer. She sneaks off before morning to Jace's dismay. When Jace eventually tracks her down, a heavy duty relationship between these two start.

Jace is extremely dominating and needs to be in control in every aspect; both sexually and everything else too. He needs Bethany to submit to him, and he also needs to figure out how to tell her that he takes pleasure in delivering pain during intimacy. He fears that his personality and kinks will scare her off; but he can't change who he is inside. Jace is majorly intense, and I loved every minute of it!! Here are some quotes that capture who Jace is: Give me your pleasure," he growled. I want all of you. I'm going to own you. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked.

Can you accept that? Tonight you step into my world. See that your every need is met. Your body will be mine, but mine will also be yours. I will love and adore you with everything that is me. I am guessing because he had to take care of his sister since he was a teenager, that is why he is like this. I loved Jace, even with his extreme demands in the bedroom, he could also be gentle when it was needed. Bethany was perfect for him. Considering she had been living on the streets from a very young age, she needed someone who could take care of her and nurture her.

My problem with Bethany was that as soon as there was any kind of misunderstanding, she would run instead of stay and try and fix what the conflict was. Also her blind faith in her "brother" who was nothing but bad news for her. I do understand why she was loyal to him; but she seemed extremely naive for someone who had been homeless for so long. This is where my 4. I did enjoy this book immensely, and it loosely reminded me of a Pretty Woman type theme. Of course, Bethany was not a hooker.. I highly recommend this series, especially if you are a Maya Banks fan.

Like I said in the beginning of this review, the first book isn't near as good as this one; but it still should be read to get the full effect of the three men's friendship. This was a feel good read with some pretty emotional scenes thrown in. The sex was HOT!!!

And yes, there were crops, paddles, and some bondage!! This is the kind of story I would read again!! I'm not gushing over this book. I really wanted to like this book, and it was a decent read. It's not a bad book I just didn't feel the chemistry between Bethany and Jace, despite his obsession with her. It really did seem too much like a cross between Pretty Woma 2. It really did seem too much like a cross between Pretty Woman and FSOG with a whole better setup and better, stronger characters.

And, unfortunately, this story is completely predictable in almost every way. Sure, I want to find out what happens to them all from here, especially Jack. But was I one bit surprised at what happened? Bethany's lived a hard life, and I empathized with her, even her insecurities. I guess that for someone who's lived on the streets most of her life, this whole scenario would be more than a little overwhelming.

And because of the way that they've started, will they have built enough trust and love together that Jace will stand by his assertions that he'll take her any way he can get her. I guess that's the catch: To go from wondering where your next meal is coming from and whether you'll have somewhere warm to sleep tonight to literally anything her heart desires and total protection and control from a man obsessed with her That's the part of the book that doesn't fit.

IF Bethany had a fairly normal upbringing but then something happened and she was out on the street surviving, OK. I could accept it. But that's not the case. And the whole thing with Jack. OK, he's not the best person to be around her. OK, he's got his own issues. But living as Bethany has for so long, the fact that Jace can't see or understand what Jack is to her To be fair, Ms. But most of it gets lost in the HEA of the romance genre. The harsher edges are smoothed down by appeasing the reader with mild BDSM scenes.

But it's not really addressed, front-and-center; it's acknowledged, barely discussed, and then swept under the rug in favor of Jace's determination to be forever with Bethany and provide everything and anything she could ever want. The way that Jace and even Ash talks most of the time, without a subject - "Wanna blahblahblah It was totally overdone.

No one talks that way all the time. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this one. I'm hoping that Ash's story is more in line with some sort of reality. Feb 01, Lady Allison rated it did not like it Shelves: I think she's a talented writer and I have always enjoyed reading the relationships she creates. That being said, this book was hard to get through.

Jace is a self made millionaire who sees Bethany at his sister's engagement party from across the room and wants her immediately. Bethany is a homeless woman forced to do odd jobs to keep money in her pocket, since no one will hire her on a continuous basis. When Bethany is confronted by Ash, Jace's best friend and the man he shares his women with, what she sees for the evening is a guaranteed place to sleep and a warm meal for free.

After they spend the night together, Jace wakes up to find Bethany gone and goes crazy. He spends two weeks tracking her down and eventually finds her in a women's shelter and steals her away. This story is very unique in that I've never read about a homeless heroine, and it was very interesting to get inside her mind and watch her face situations most people don't have to.

However, I was less than impressed with Jace. He completely took over Bethany's life without thought to how she might feel about it. Granted, she didn't have much of a life to live, but for me, a woman's choice is one of the most important things she has to hold on to. Which brings to me to my biggest issue with this story. I understand that there is a delicate balance between building trust and taking care of the person you love while being the dominant partner in the relationship. However, I felt that the dominance went over board. Jace was more than just "demanding" or "exacting".

He was a pushy jerk. Do you really get that?

Fever: The Breathless Trilogy, Book 2

That every decision will be made by me. Where we eat, what we eat, where we go, where you go. When we have sex. When we don't have sex.

Rush Breathless #1 Maya Banks Audiobook

Who you talk to. Are you getting it yet? I'm a controlling bastard and that won't change. Are you really willing to sign on for something like that? He crossed the line so many times it was hard to count. As soon as Jace had taken that step in exerting his dominance, a part of her had sighed in relief.

It had been so freeing to hand over responsibility to someone who cared about her. Someone who took care of her and was insanely protective of her. It gave her a measure of security she hadn't enjoyed until now. It made her feel How can I argue with that? If that's what it took to make her feel safe, who am I to judge? It's just not my thing. My mind rebelled the whole way through. I liked Bethany a lot, even when her constant self hatred got tiring, I wanted her to have a better life and a better future.

In the end, I think this may simply be a case of "not my cup of tea" - but it may be yours, who knows? Either way, it's a breathtaking cover; I still enjoy the author, but I won't be following up with this series. View all 3 comments. Apr 25, Didi rated it liked it Shelves: This time around we're given the story of Jace and Bethany, a down on her luck homeless woman swept up in an instant and electrifying romance with the billionnaire.

I liked the pacing of this book and have to say that although it didn't wow me as much as the first, Maya Banks writes romance extremely well. It was easy to be caught up in it and I found myself finishing it faster because of that. If I'm being honest, I read this partly for the story and largely for glimpses of the enticing Ash McIntyre.

He melted me in Rush, even with his limited story time and although I didn't see as much as I would have of him in Fever, the scenes involving him made me want him more. Obviously I can't wait to read Burn! Back to Jace and Bethany. They were very sweet and cute together.

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  6. Jace was, like his brethern, the dominating alpha male turned soft by the love of the right woman. He was tender and wonderful even when he was angry. And while I liked Bethany, I liked Mia a lot more. Bethany was sweet and deserved her life to change at the hands of a man that would cherish her but I just couldn't connect with her at all. Her naivety annoyed me sometimes but really I didn't empathize with her like I did Mia.

    Regardless of all that this book, like it's forerunner, was great to read. The chapters aren't excessively long which adds to the pacing and Maya Banks manages to instill interest in the vaguest of occurrences. Its also nice to read about men that have earned their wealth, at a realistic age, rather than the unlikely occurrence of being a billionaire in their twenties. I'm off to read Burn and finally get Ash all to myself! HEA with Burn being Ash's story Haven't given anything a 1 star in a while.

    There were more things that annoyed me in this rather than entertain me. Bethany is a 23 year old homeless girl who's been living on the streets for 4 years yet there is no mention whatsoever of her hygiene. How in the world does she keep herself clean?

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    Considering the fact that she agrees to have sex with 2 men 2 hours after meeting them, yeah it was an issue for me. He never bothered to get both of them tested before going on a sexual marathon with no glove in some cases. This went above and beyond realism and was just plain moronic.

    I found it careless and--I'm sorry MB but--irresponsible writing. There is no way you can convince me a girl who had multiple partners and had unprotected sex while doing drugs walked away clean. That's not the kind of fantasy I want to buy into. I wasn't a fan of this and don't think I ever will be.

    Sorry but it just didn't work, way too much too fast. After 24 hours of meeting Bethany, Jace is making grand overtures to make this girl his, wanting to own her, take care of her and be HIS forever and eva. Just didn't buy it for a minute. He's spouting words of forever to her and wanting her to live with him after just one week. It was a stamp of his possession. A signal of his ownership. Not that he would tell her that. When she was more comfortable in their relationship. For now, he was content with the knowledge that he knew what it was and that she would wear it.

    The cheese factor is at an all time HIGH. I don't know what was exactly worse, the incessant swearing that happens every two seconds or the cutesy petname that follows every line. I usually melt when guys get affectionate with special nicknames but the number of 'baby, baby, oh baby' Jace does in here made me want to physically reach in the book and punch the dude. The strangest thing was there was more talking about sex than actual sex. And for the supposed brooding 'quiet' guy Jace likes to talk. The dialogue is what exhausted me the most. Very very repetitive and heavy on the saccharine flowery confessions.

    It's exhausting and I found it extremely hokey. Jace is endlessly described as a dark dangerous quiet guy but he's super emotional and over-the-top in his reactions. I love me some tender affectionate men, but no man acts like this. I honestly thought this guy was gonna shit rainbows and unicorns the way he carries on. The last 10 pages was a real chore to finish with all the suffocating cornball dialogue.

    I just wanted everyone to shut up. What's with all the 'damn, g-ddamn, fucking bullshit, fucking hell'? When you are counting the number of times 'damn' is used in one sentence page then it's a problem. Nobody talks like this. The last time I checked guys from the States who are born and raised there do not use the term bloody. This was trying too hard. It's as if MB felt compelled to use the overtired 50 Shades template and insert it here with her own characters. And they aren't much different to be honest. Do the guys in all these erotica trilogies have to be arrogant rich jerks hellbent on being obsessive kinky pricks who like to swear a lot?

    And believe me trying to copy E. L James is no prize IMO. MB and every other author I've discovered so far can write circles around her. Similar to Rush , there was little-to-no plot in this, very little character growth or dimension for that matter. And I'm sorry but a girl who pretty much grew up on the streets cannot be as naive and oblivious to things as Bethany is in here.

    If you have to have your heroine continuously tell readers that the hero is badass, then they are most likely NOT a badass. That was hot and pretty much the only exciting thing I got out of this. I was gonna give an extra star just for that but everything that followed after just weighed the entire story down. View all 5 comments. Apr 03, Syndi rated it really liked it. Comparing Fever to Rush, Fever has more drama. I was not expecting drama since I know this series is alpha male dominance story plot. A lot of profanity and steaming sex. For the character, I like Jace.

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    He is a very caring, distance and sensitive man. I feel like I want to slap her myself. This woman cries a LOT! And the chemistry between Bethany and Jace also dry. I wish more substance on Comparing Fever to Rush, Fever has more drama. I wish more substance on their relationship. However I like the drama twist towards the end. Jan 17, Jacqueline rated it liked it. This was an odd marriage of a controlling, bdsm and menage enthusiast billionaire tale with um Some of the smut was hot as fuck, some started to get a bit repetitive, but for the most part the smut held it together.

    She's homeless and down on her luck but she catches the billionaire' s eye and within moments of poking around in her lady closet he's obsessed with her. He moves her in and buys her stuff and she's all wide eyed yet apparently unaffected by materialism because all she This was an odd marriage of a controlling, bdsm and menage enthusiast billionaire tale with um He moves her in and buys her stuff and she's all wide eyed yet apparently unaffected by materialism because all she wants is to be surrounded by people who care about her.

    Oh and to drink gallons of hot chocolate. Not quite sure what else she did all day tbh. The heroine in this was a bit of a wet lettuce for me and didn't really have anything going on except her past. Jace though was the archetypal controlling billionaire and along with that of his best friends, his alpha craziness kept me interested. Jan 23, Isabella Francesca rated it liked it. I don't hate it, I don't love it either.

    Me while reading the book: That pretty much sums it up. First few pages were really interesting. But then as you go along, the story kinda drags you The good thing about it is that our hero, Jace Crestwell, is one sexy beast!!! He's my favorite out of the 3 musketeers. The sooner you accept that, the sooner we can move forward and you can be happy.

    I want you to be happy. I want you to be content. For you not to have to worry about your next meal. There was instant recognition. We all make mistakes, baby. It would be boring as shit if we were. He always say the right words. Such a dreamy man.

    Fever (Breathless #2) read online free by Maya Banks

    So yes, I'm kind of disappointed with the series. Maybe because I expected too much from the author? I didn't really like the first book as well although I think I gave it 3 or 4 stars because of Gabe , just because it has the same problems with this one. Before it came out I was soooo intrigued and curious with the series because the blurb was pretty awesome I am still going to read the last one on the series and I hope the third would be as awesome as pancakes. Jun 29, Caro rated it did not like it Shelves: Esta novela esa basura. Jan 03, Brenda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bethany is so cute!

    She had a horrible life: They made me understand everything! But baby, you have exactly that same power over me. When it comes to our relationship, you have far more power than I do. My heart is in your hands. My heart, my soul, it all belongs to you. You have to tell me. I never want to make you feel bad about what we do. She sucked in her breath until she was light-headed. This moment was lovely. He explained her well. I love him, actually. I will absolutely cherish and protect you. I will just say that I was like really, Ok You love each other forever!!!

    But other than that Nice re-tracking for the series! Paul did a great job This whole book was better than book 1 in the series by leaps and bounds. And the smexin in this book was just I really wish I could give this book more than just 2 stars. I love Maya Banks — I have listened to many of her books. The narrator was terrible no personality, I could have fallen asleep. The male roll in this book uses of the word baby made me sick after the he used it. I just could not get into this one. The poor me female roll did not work for me. I love Maya Banks — she is the queen of Erotica in my opinion.

    It was just too creepy for me. Jace wanted to take over her whole life in a matter of a few days. The whole thing just made me too uncomfortable. I did at least finish the book. Sorry Maya fans, but I just can't recommend this one. I normally truly enjoy Maya Banks' books. I loved "Rush," the first book in this series. I was looking forward to this sequel, and was already intrigued by the male lead and the potential for another GREAT read.

    I am generally empathetic and sympathetic to characters with emotional baggage, and I do NOT enjoy writing negative feedback. I repeatedly found myself exclaiming, "Oh, for F's sake! I don't want to believe that there is a significant target market of readers naive enough to find this melodramatically pathetic female lead or the plot appealing. Would you consider the audio edition of Fever to be better than the print version? Yes, the narrator did an excellent job portraying the characters and events.

    What was one of the most memorable moments of Fever? When Bethany walked out on Jace and waited in the rain determined to have her stay after almost taking the pill. When the realization of it all hit Jace. If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be? Intense emotion, struggle against the odds and fairy tales and dreams do sometime come true for real people. Great story worth the wait. Jace deserves someone special in his life.

    Can't wait for Ash. I like Rush way better then Fever. I felt like the 2 books where way too similiar and I can't stand complete repetitiveness and I felt like that is what was going on here. Right there it already reminds of Fifty Shades of Grey. In Fever it is Jace falling for Bethany who is in very unfortunate circumstances and who is even younger then his own sister. What majorily cools my jets in this book is that 1 Jace says the exact same stuff that Gabe does during sex.

    Dealing with a forced threesome, homelessness, drugs, and drunk sex is not at all hot to me. This is definately not one of my Maya Banks favorites. I'm so-so on the credit, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I recommend her Highlander's series, they're my favorite of Maya Banks. Yes, as previously mentioned, certain aspects weren't really plausible but in it's defence that's why it's in the Fiction section and it must be said that, on the whole, most of us listen to these books for the pure escapism factor which this one delivers to us by the spadeful.

    I for one will happily carry on listening to her books for the simple enjoyment factor not giving a thought if the catering staff have green cards or if the driver has his licence - who cares!!! In saying that, based on reviews I got this one and I did enjoy it. It was a great escape into Bethany's and Jace's world.

    Bethany has had such a hard life and she has nothing. Jace is a powerful, wealthy man. The instant he sees Bethany he knows that she is different than any woman he has ever met and he intends for her to belong to him. Now only if he can convince her that she is good enough for him. I agree with fellow reviewers in the opinion that this was well worth my credit.